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Hi guys! I recently read somewhere that one should have his own blog. Then, I was like seriously? why should I? Then it hit me. I always search for blogs. I always read blogs. I always get answers for my questions from the blogs. So, I thought of starting my own blog. Having a blog will actually improve your portfolio. Because, it is like reading a book these days. It is very rare to be seen.

I was a frequent reader when I was a kid. Then, that good habit kind of slipped away. Then, after joining frontcube I started reading again because in here, it is mandatory for the employees to read. Here we even have our own syllabus for reading. It may sound ridiculous. But, believe me. It is working out well for me. The books we are mainly about our personal development. And, They are very basic books. A guy without much knowledge in English can read it. But, there is a catch. You have to talk about a chapter in your book every Wednesday. We have an hour allocated for that. That is called leadership Wednesday. So, We really have to read the book if we don’t to make fools out of ourselves.

The good thing about leadership Wednesday is that it will build your public speaking and leadership skills. I was afraid to talk in English because, I thought someone(eg:- My mom) will point out the grammar mistakes and everything. But, after some sessions in LWs, I built back my confidence. And, I don’t care about my mistakes anymore. Because, we do mistakes even when we talk in our native language. I don’t want to improve only myself. So, I am gonna go ahead and give the titles of the books that I have read after joining Frontcube. In the order I have read them.

  1.  Rework: Change the Way You Work Forever
  2.  Who moved my cheese
  3.  The greatness guide – (I am currently reading)

The first book is mainly about your business and how you should work on it. It is kind of a Radical book that breaks all the norms of a business world. If you have your own business, starting your own company or even trying to build something related to business, it is for you.

The second book is for everyone. That’s it. Whoever you are, you should read it. It is not a revolutionary book. But, it is a story that will make you think and prepare for the changes in your life.

The third book is like reading from the chapters of your life. Every chapter will remind you something that happened in your own life. Although I am still reading that book, I have a good feeling about this book that it will change me somehow.

I am waiting for you guys to suggest me some books too. If you have anything, Drop it on comments. Cheers.

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