Prototypes and mindsets

First of all. This is a mobile blog. I am doing this from the 4th floor of my friends’ apartment. It is actually the top of the building and the view is great. Suddenly, i started thinking about a small incident that happened today. I wanted to talk about it with someone. So, here it goes…..

I always try to be non judgmental. But, it always keeps coming back to me. I think I should practice it more often. Because, after accidentally judging someone because of their face and activities, I feel like shit when I get to know that i am wrong. I felt like this today after a long time.

I was coming to my friend’s apartment. (I usually stay there when I come to Colombo.). I took a tuk tuk from Dehiwala. The guy who was driving it had a big beard. I was in an entertainy mood that time. So, I started making small talk. I asked him a prototype question which I regret up-to now.

“Ayyalata heta ramzan neda?”

Guess what? He was a Buddhist. He was a little upset about my question. I am not here to argue why he got upset. But, look at that idiot who was in the backseat. He thought that everyone with a long beard is a Muslim.

That is what prototypes are. We shouldn’t set a prototype to people. We should see everyone with a uniqueness. Forgive me tuk tuk guy, I wont judge people by their looks. It is rude to do so. Thank god it is not a Muslim guy. I wouldn’t have learned my lesson. Don’t judge people. especially don’t judge someone based on their looks.

2 Replies to “Prototypes and mindsets”

  1. Dear Sanju, as a starting note your blog reminds me of your mum who is an excellent teacher and many have been beneficiaries including my sister and myself.

    As for the contents of the article, I am all with you. Unfortunately, the characteristic of stereotyping in engrained in us so much that it is hard work to out grow it. Well, as you correctly say we should look at people as individuals rather than attributing them to a particular clan.

    It is a well written article and please write more that you can publish them as your anecdotes. All the very best for your future endeavours.

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