Photography is like Relationship

Blogging after a long time.

Note to self :- “I should document more. It could help someone or even the future me. So, From here onwards, I will blog every week (at least)”

Now, about the heading of this blog post. I am planning to buy a DSLR Camera this weekend. Got the sponsorship from my sister. Actually it is kind of a loan. anyhow, the thing is, people around me have a good about my craze on DSLR and Photography. But, once I got the money, I am now a bit scared to make the leap – which is buying the camera. I cannot sleep at night, I cannot watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S peacefully, And I have to do something productive to keep my mind off it. It is very hard for me because, believe me. I am a lazy bastard.

So, I talked about this with Aslam Najeebdeen – CEO and Visionary of Frontcube (pvt) ltd. He laughed. Then he added a great simile to the conversation. So, What i said to him was, “I am scared to buy a DSLR camera now because, I took photos using a lot of different models, But after this, I have to only use this one. So, I am thinking whether I should get this model or not”. You might’ve guessed what he would’ve said.

It is like the mindset of a playboy who is getting married

True that.

Then I realized, it is like a relationship. ‘How?’ you might ask. Here’s how. My budget is 200,000. I could get a 6D with a kid lens if I add some more from my pocket. But, my range will be small. I cannot afford another lens because it is too expensive. So, I have to live with what I have.

In relationship, Think that you reached for someone way out of your league. It is true that you will have some great perks. But, it has its downsides. I am not going to explain. Because, everyone can relate to this.

But, if you bond with someone in your own league. It will be a great relationship. That too has its own perks. And the main thing is, There will be no Ego and Arrogance.

Hey, I am not a relationship expert. But, I think I am doing okay in my personal life. So, stop judging me.

Going to buy a Canon 70D with the kit lens, another 50mm lens and some other accessories. Hoping to post more often and you all can expect some photos taken by me in the posts. It will be watermark free. So, do whatever you want with them if you think they are useful.

Credit me if you can. It will be a great gesture. 😉 😀

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