Long time no see!

Hi folks,

I am here with my new blog post. I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks I guess. I took this looong break right after telling that i am going to blog once every week.

Off to a great start, huh?

I cannot say that I didn’t blog at all in these 3 weeks. I wrote a blog post for Frontcube, where I work.
Here is my post if you wanna check it out or to make sure that I didn’t lie.

Done is better than perfect

As usual. I’ve got nothing to talk about. But, I’ve been thinking a lot about purchasing a domain for my blogs. But, I am still not sure about that idea. Hey, Don’t judge me. I am what I am.

After buying the love of my life, I started experimenting a lot with long exposure photographs. Because, I have this wallpaper on my iphone 4s. It is the milkyway. It itches me to take some photos of the milkyway. But, How to capture the milkyway? you can barely see it. I tried some random shots at the skies too. It is too cloudy. It frequently rains in the western parts of the Sri Lanka these days because of the monsoons. I was a bit upset with it.

Then, came the Parlimentary elections of Sri Lanka. I went to my hometown Trincomalee which is in the eastern part of our small country. It has clear skies these days. So, I tried to have my intended photoshoot in Trincomalee (Thank god I took the Tripod). The road lights don’t work in our road. (Believe me, I am in the city.) So, I had a great view of the milkyway. It was a little blurry because I broke my eyewear earlier that week. But, with the help of my equally short sighted sister, I took some photos that i liked very much. The photos are a bit under-exposed to be true.

this is not a fairytale ending to my quest. I should get a good looking photo of the milkyway. I was disappointed. It all vanished when I came to Thihariya, Gampaha – Where I am boarded. The sky was crystal clear that night. I took some good looking photos with my 70D. Here are two photos I liked the most.


IMG_1012 copy

Bye Guys. See ya later!

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