Christmas is coming

This is the time of year which is supposed to bring you joy and happiness. Supposed to…….
But, you know how hard it will be for you if you’re living alone. You see photos of Christmas trees and Christmas parties in facebook which will increase your stress. But, the reassuring part is when you think about the 4 holidays during the Christmas season you can spend with your family and friends, enjoy mother’s cooking and fight with your sibling.

Siblings Fighting

Although it sounds exciting, we have to think of others too. Because, We have to help each other in order to survive in this world right? That is kind of the basic rule here. But, we often choose not to follow it. I for example am horrible at helping others. So, This is more like a pointing the finger towards a mirror kind of a post. But, If you find yourself in the same situation, please try to get out of it by helping.

Just because it is expected from you to help someone, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Just buying someone some food will suffice. I have some personal notes on helping. If you do like them, feel free to follow them.

Some Do’s And Don’ts in this Christmas

1. Please don’t donate money to a church unless they say it is completely being used to help the poor and needy. Because, most of the money will not be spent on helping the poor. If you want to help the poor. Going directly towards them is the right path.

2. When donating cloth, please think of the needy people as your relatives. think twice before you donate something you used. Because, they are in need of cloth that they can wear. If you want to get rid of old ragged clothes, please throw them away.

3. When cooking, please cook for +2. then you can give it to poor people. and they too can have a good meal for a change. (If you’re terrible at cooking, please don’t use the poor as lab rats 😀 )

4. It’s the time of joy for everyone. So, please treat everyone nice. Don’t be rude. Smile always.

5. Always carry an umbrella. Don’t bother others. 😛

6. Don’t spoil star wars for others

Thats all advice for now. I can rant on and on. But, I am having a bad headache as usual. So, to wrap up…. “Be nice everyone. Help each other.”

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