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6 Months Ago…

I was working for an Australian client. They wanted a looping animation to be done on their website. Like normal people, I did it using JS. But, When I submitted it, there were some issues and the client wants it in a whole new way. When he explained it, I had no idea how to do that. Then, my manager showed me a codepen instance on a similar animation. It was done only using CSS. Then I realized, The solutions doesn’t have to be complex or hard. It can be minor too.

This is the mindset of a typical inexperienced developer. He knows how to do things in a certain way. He doesn’t think of the most suitable or most appropriate solution. As a guy with more than 3 years experience, I thought, I am passed that inexperienced developer mindset, But, I am still there. It could be because, now that I use JS a lot, I think that way.

3 Months Ago…

When it comes to the solutions you provide for the requirements, you should always think on how to design your solution first. There will be a lot of stakes when it comes to a certain solution. A solution which is easier to implement could have a lot of security issues or usability issues. So, rather than thinking about a quick fix, its important to figure out the root cause first.


Its not always about the quick and easier fix. It should be about the perfect solution. So, you should be an expert in every aspect of your field to come up with the most optimal suitable solution.
Now, when I look back at this article, i feel that although, I ended up using css for that animation, I could’ve used javascript with a better plugin library which would’ve made the animation more lifelike.
Or, could’ve used a better css animation and some more images to increase the details. Could’ve reduced the details on the images and made it more data friendly.

But, fortunately, going for the dirty hack did some good to me so far. I fix things, and although, the code is a dirty fix, I try to functionize it so it can be changed or reused. Anyhow, Nowadays, i am practicing the most clean optimal solution which might help me out in the coming future as well.

Try to fix the issue by identifying the root cause and always go the extra miles. there wont be only one mile if you get going. but, you’re gonna enjoy that journey.

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