Programmers and Cult following

I switched my job. Again. Although I liked the previous place and although the previous place paid more I decided to “jump ship”. By jump ship I didn’t mean that the old ship is sinking ( insert Thor’s is it though meme here ). But I felt like staying still. So, it was time for me to jump. Anyways, the reason I started writing this because of the epiphany I had on my way back to home on a Friday evening. So get ready for a no work yet boredom induced – commute time overflowing – weekend mode activated rant.

Hi Mark!

I had a sudden flashback. It lasted for mere seconds. Thought about my life at Frontcube – my career defining company. When I was there, my favorite code editor is sublime. We kinda had a cult following for sublime text. We discussed best plugins for sublime. Best configurations for sublime and best themes as well. We tried atom and bracket but always reverted back to sublime. I didn’t know why. I think it’s because sublime was more stable and the community is big for sublime.

Fast forward to 2019 ( from 2015 of course ) I am far from Frontcube. Far from sublime and far from what I did in 2015. Now I am following vscode like it’s the shizz. I remember earlier when someone told me about vscode I said Microsoft? There is no way I will voluntarily use it. Now I don’t even have sublime in my computer. Having said that I am not vouching that vscode is the best. Heck I might jump to jetbrains tomorrow.

Something similar is JQuery. There was a time I was including JQuery for all the websites I created whether I needed it or not. I’ve used it with angularjs ( I know! Terrible developer right here. It’s all bootstrap’s fault 😛 ). But now Angular / React / Vue are the buzz words. And it won’t be permanent. Ever heard of svelte?

But that’s what developers are right? They follow something they admire like a cult. Then something better will come. They will be adamant to switch. And suddenly they…. What’s the word for it…. Ah! Jump the ship.

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